Author: Kathy Eberl


Joseph Telicki is our resident artist.  Joseph moved into the hostel in December 2018 and painting has become his passion. When Joseph moved to St Hedwig Village his daughter bought him some paints and brushes and said now you have something to occupy yourself with. Joseph had never painted before but he took up the…

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Fine Dining Evening

The doors of St Hedwig Village Restaurant were opened again on 26th March 2019 with a group of nursing home residents enjoying a night out. The evening started with pre-dinner drinks, a delicious three course meal, a dessert that could not be refused and much more. The comments from our residents included, “does this restaurant…

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Fasching in St Hedwig Village

If you’re in Germany or Austria during Fasching many streets come to life with colorful parades, loud music, and celebrations around every corner. For Catholics, Fasching means a festive season of food and fun before the Lenten fasting period begins. At St Hedwig Village we have our own celebrations with parties, music and a lot…

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St Hedwig Feast Day

The 16th October is the feast day of St Hedwig the saint after which our wonderful village is named. Residents & staff celebrated the day with a high tea in the morning. There was a surprise staff performance which added colour, fun and entertainment to the day. Staff performed a variety of country western, Indian…

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Sylvia Noble a long time staff member will retire on 21st August 2018. While your lovely presence will be missed in the facility, the great work you did here ensures that you will not be forgotten anytime soon. Thank you for the good care and joy brought to the residents over the last 25 years. Now…

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