St Hedwigs News Spring Edition

St Hedwig Village News – September 2017 Spring Edition

From the CEO’s Desk


In St Hedwig Village we can really tell that the seasons are changing by watching the Magnolia’s in the village. We have several of these and as the days get longer and warmer buds burst out from bare branches and open into beautiful flowers – Nature at its best!

Our Hostel staff submitted an application to the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency for a Better Practice Award for our Narooma Holidays Program. While we were not successful in being endorsed as a winner on this occasion, the panel did comment that they were impressed with our innovation. We have been taking residents to Narooma since 2000.

Father’s Day is just around the corner and we will be celebrating ‘’all things Male’’ during the month of September. A time to remember our fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers, and all the wonderful male role models that we may have encountered during our lives.

There has been a ‘’lot of press’’ lately about retirement villages in the media. Some good and some not so good. In NSW all retirement villages are bound by the Retirement Village Act & Regulations. This legislation clearly sets out what a village operator can and can’t do, and prescribes what a standard village contract has to include depending on the type of contract that the village operates under.

The majority of not-for-profit retirement villages would be following these regulations. Not all retirement villages are the same, so it is important to do some research.

The NSW Department of Fair Trading also has a role to ensure that retirement villages do what is right and its website has a lot of information about village contracts, residents’ rights, village
rules etc. The department will also deal with any complaints.

What is important for any potential village resident is to read the contract, seek legal advice, and ask questions if something is unclear. This needs to be done before signing any document.

Ihr Pfarrer
Roland Maurer

Liebe Bewohnerinnen und Bewohner von St. Hedwig,

im August haben wir mit einigen Bewohnern eine Wallfahrt ans das Grab von Mary MacKillop nach North Sydney begangen. Es war ein wunderschöner Tag, reich an Eindrücken.

Mary MacKillop ist Australiens erste und auch einzige Heilige. Wie viele Heilige hat doch Deutschland, Österreich und die Schweiz aufzubieten…

Mary MacKillop ist Australiens erste und einzige festgestellte und anerkannte Heilige – wie viele Heilige, heilige Frauen und Männer gab und gibt es in unserem Land denn eigentlich? Das können wir nicht wissen, nur ahnen. Aber es gibt sie. Jeder, der sich wie Mary MacKillop von der Liebe Christi anstecken und entflammen lässt und diese Liebe weitergibt, sich darin verzehrt, ist eine Heilige, ein Heiliger, denn sie und er sind ein Spiegelbild Christi, ein Widerschein der Heiligkeit Gottes in dieser Welt.

So gibt es in unserem Land viele Heilige in Vergangenheit und Gegenwart. Bekannte und vor allem unbekannte Heilige, denn sie wirken im Kleinen und Verborgenen. Das macht aber nichts, denn Gott kennt sie.

Für mich war diese Wallfahrt eine Gelegenheit nachzudenken und in meinem Leben Umschau zu halten, wo ich solche Heilige des Alltags schon kennenlernen durfte – und auch wie es um meine Heiligkeit steht. Solch Innehalten täte uns allen gut – und wer weiß, was und wen es alles zu entdecken gibt.

Kathy Eberl
Chief Executive Officer

Pastoral Care Condolences

We take this opportunity to extend our condolences to the families who have lost loved ones:

Antonietta Andreacchio, Euphrasia Blom, Joseph Ciantar,
Luise Hanisch, Jean Jones, Adelaide Kaiser, Annamaria
Kaizers, Desmond Page, Elizabeth Roz, Milda Rozensteins and
Albina Sebelic.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this sad time.

Pastoral Care Coordinator News

Two weeks ago I set off very early in the morning to visit my friend in Bathurst. I wasn’t in a great hurry so I decided to take the scenic route. The traffic wasn’t as bad as I had expected. Once I was past Richmond the countryside opened up into beautiful green fields with plenty of livestock scattered throughout the open expanse. It reminded me very much of the landscape in Ireland. Arriving in Lithgow some one and a half hours later, there was a definite chill in the air and patches of frost began appearing on the road. Even the scenery had changed from beautiful shades of green to brown. However this didn’t seem to deter the black cows I saw intermittently foraging in the fields for the rest of my drive to Bathurst. I later learned that drought and frost is responsible for the colour of the landscape.

When I arrived in Bathurst I noticed road signs near the curbs with one hour parking. I was unsure if it was paid parking so I approached a gentleman who was sitting in his car next to mine to find out. ”Gday mate” is how he greeted me. I found myself smiling because of this warm and friendly greeting. Parking was free; I thanked him and then headed off to look for a flower shop. I met a woman coming out of the Post Office so I decided to ask her to point me in the right direction. Not only did she tell me where to find one, she offered to take me there but I assured her I would find my way. As I walked along I also noticed how complete strangers in the street smiled and said good morning to me. How friendly and polite shop vendors were and not in a rush. And motorists seemed very courteous to each other. But what struck me most of all was that no one seemed to be in a massive hurry. I mentioned all of this to my friend who simply said “That’s how Bathurst is”

Later that night when I was stopped at a red traffic light in Rouse Hill on my way home, I bore the full brunt of a car horn immediately behind me because I was milliseconds late driving off when the traffic light turned green and “That’s how Sydney is”. Reflecting on the day’s events after arriving home made me realise how little ‘time’ we Sydney siders seem to have for many things. We seem to be caught up in a vicious cycle of speed. I wonder is this of our own doing. I find driving to work in the morning is like being in a race in Mount Panorama. I can’t recall any stranger on the street ever greeting me or smiling at me, in fact I find I am constantly trying to dodge people who walk along with their heads in their mobile phones. Whenever I go into a shop I usually hear the vendor say “next” and no attempt is made for casual conversation. I wonder does this lack of time extend too, to other more important matters in our lives, i.e. God, family, friends, Church, health to name a few.

Many of our residents throughout our facility often say to me that they have ‘no time’ to do all the things they wish to do. So why then, with twenty four hours in every day seven days a week do we have so little ‘time’ on our hands for what is important? Maybe this is something that each of us should consider and give a little more thought to. In the Bible we constantly hear that Jesus took time to rest. Mark 1:35 ‘Early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up and slipped out to a solitary place to pray’. Matthew 14:23 ‘after He had sent them away, He went up on the mountain by Himself to pray. When evening came, He was there alone’

I would like to now share with all of you this lovely reflection written by Fr. Christopher Gleeson.
Hopefully it will stop us in our tracks long enough for it to impact each of us in some way.


Take time to rest – it is the fountain of health and vitality.
Take time to think – it is the source of achievement.
Take time to read – it is the foundation of wisdom.
Take time to play – it is the secret of staying young.
Take time to be quiet – it is the opportunity to seek God.
Take time to share – it is too short a life to be selfish.
Take time to be aware – it is the opportunity to help others.
Take time to laugh – it’s the music of the heart.
Take time to be loved – it nourishes the soul.
Take time to be friendly – it is the road to happiness.
Take time to pray – it is the greatest power on earth.
Take time to dream – it’s the well of inspiration.
There is time for everything.

God Bless
Maria Lynam

Volunteer with us

We are in need of more volunteers.

Volunteering can be a very rewarding experience. It is fun, you make new friends, you become part of a team; it is a way to give something back and it can be a way to make use of your free time in a positive way.

The type of things volunteers can be involved with include:

  • Visiting residents
  • Reading of letters or books
  • Assisting with walks within the complex
  • Assisting with crafts, particularly where the volunteer has a particular skill or talent
  • Escorting on outings and providing assistance
  • Pastoral care visiting
  • Assisting with meals
  • Providing entertainment and assisting paid staff with diversional therapy activities
  • Assisting with small tasks in the facility – e.g. serving morning tea; filling water jugs
  • Bringing in a pet (conditions apply)
  • Assisting with daily life activities – e.g. hair style, makeup, nails
  • Mini shop duties

You choose the type of activity you would like to be involved with and the amount of time you have.
It can be as little as one hour on a weekly, fortnightly basis or you may have more time to share.

Volunteers will need to be willing to undergo a police check which we can organize.

If you, or you know someone who would be interested, please let us know. Please see Judith
Brezovski, Roshni Kumar or myself.

Kathy Eberl

Nursing Home Activity Report

Activities in the Nursing Home have not slowed down over the winter months, we have kept ourselves busy over these cold months.

The theme for the month of June was The Royals when we celebrated the Queen’s Birthday with a special Royal afternoon tea party. Helen & Rodger started our Royal afternoon with a concert. The couple sang songs that residents could sing-along and tap a toe to. A fine way to start the beginning of winter was with a Coffee House which takes place on the first Tuesday of each month in the Link Room. Residents join Heike in the residents’ kitchen to bake cakes in the morning for Coffee house in the afternoon. Residents then enjoy the freshly baked cakes and coffee.

Residents are involved in many activities in the Nursing Home and craft is among the favorites. The ladies enjoyed Nursing Home Activity Report the decorating of the brown paper shopping bags with Sylvia and the results were amazing, and the residents were very pleased with the finished item.

Ursula and Heike reported their Fruits of the Season activity was a huge success with residents. Residents had the choice of having their favorite fruit served in a smoothie or with yoghurt.

Of course no month is complete without Pet Therapy. A visit from Johnson our favourite dog. Over the months that Johnson has been visiting the Nursing Home it is not only our residents who know Johnson and have grown fond of him, but Johnson knows a lot of the residents and pays a special visit to some of the residents in the Nursing Home. Johnson has a special way of making our residents’ day.

In August the theme is Celebrating Cultures with banners made by Mrs Dyer, one of the Nursing Home residents. Residents were involved in cooking a Maltese dish for lunch and a Filipino morning tea. A special thank you to Mrs San Buenaventura’s daughter Faye who provided some lovely dishes for us to try. It has been interesting learning about other cultures and enjoying the lovely foods from other countries. This month Miss Cat’s Retro show came to perform for the first time in the Nursing Home. Miss Cat performed well known music with a swing and Jazz style. Residents and staff enjoyed her performance.

Residents also enjoyed a lovely drive out to Warragamba with lunch at the Warragamba Workers Club. At the Windsor RSL Club we have discovered the Bistro and the club’s lovely Easy Lane Café.

RAO’s Nursing Home

Hostel Activity Report

It was very lucky that we could still visit Shelly Beach in Cronulla once more before the cold weather set in. All who attended enjoyed the blue sky, sunshine, fish and chips on this outing.

Another short bus trip to the Nepean River was undertaken. Our residents were pleased to meet our volunteer bus driver Toni, who drove us safely home again after a morning tea at the ‘Coffee Club”.

On the Queen’s Birthday the residents enjoyed a concert with two vocal artists who were so animating that almost everyone joined in the sing along. More songs were sung and funny poems read at the monthly birthday’s party. Our residents also took part in the activities around the theme ‘Royals” as: Royal Quiz, Royal Morning Tea followed by reminiscing, A British Word Game, Typically British Association Game and gathered facts about the Royals from books and magazines.

Our residents attended The Mary Poppins Musical performed by Glenwood High School students. It was a nice musical and the highlight of the day was when the musicians came into our bus to say goodbye to our residents. Many hugs, smiles and kisses were received by the students. We are all very thankful that the school invited us to such great event.

Italian Theme Day was organized with regional food being served in an authentic Italian decorated dining room. Residents enjoyed this day with lots of reminiscing, Italian word games and laughter.

As it is gets cold outside our gardener John is visiting our residents once a month. He brings winter plants from our village gardens and gives a little talk. He also helps individual residents with their balcony plants.

In a cooking activity we created corn fritters to compliment the menu for the winter theme day. As we had just endured a flu episode, a little port wine went down well to kill any remaining germs.

The Guide Dogs information session was much enjoyed by our residents. Residents requested a follow up visit.

The bus trip to Warragamba Dam was very much enjoyed by our residents. The natural features of the country side invited our residents to reminisce about the olden times.

Gents Pub was organized in such way that our male residents can enjoy beer, wine and nibbles in a group or if they choose individually in their room. We wish them all a happy Fathers’ Day.

RAO’s Hostel

Retirement Village News

Pentecost in June was not only of religious significance but also a special occasion for our Village Residents to enjoy a lovely lunch in the St Raphael’s Community Hall followed by an afternoon of outstanding performances of five choirs, soloists and musicians amidst an atmosphere of joy and community spirit.

Because of some very cold days, the Resident’s Committee decided to offer mulled wine (traditional German Glühwein) during our July Bingo Lunch which proved very popular among our Bingo Club members.

The exercise group warmly welcomed back Lisa Kellerman who, after a year’s absence, was happy and eager to resume exercising on doctor’s advice after the fitting of a pacemaker. The expected visit from Germany of her Grandson’s family was an added incentive to build up her strength and fitness.

John, our Gardener, has tackled the huge job of cutting back all the roses and preparing the gardens for the impending start of spring. As a matter of fact, some of the rose bushes have already started to sprout new leaves. At the moment we are admiring the magnificent Magnolias in full bloom and some dainty Snow Bells which seem to multiply more every winter. The Geraniums on the balconies are starting to recuperate from the damage suffered during the long rain drenched days last autumn.

This winter not only provided us with some lovely warm and dry days with clear deep blue skies but proved ideal for some very important maintenance work: the edges of all the stairs received bright yellow safety strips and in front of blocks 11 and 13 new drains were installed to ensure much improved drainage for the next powerful rainstorm. Hopefully we can now pack away our gum boots.

During June, July and August, in addition to numerous 70’s and 80’s birthdays, we are pleased to extend our congratulations to some very special ones: Alice van den Nieuwenhof – 96 years, Joan Gates – 80 years, Kurt Rosenberger – 95 years, Dora Peric – 94 years, Stefanie Steininger – 93 years, Franzi Hiller – 90 years and our youngest resident Madlein Reisch – 60 years.

Following the resignation of Christel Mulders in July from Retirement Village News From the Bingo Club the Village Resident’s Committee Ursula Fober nominated Ute Carrus to fill this casual vacancy at the August meeting which was seconded by Frank Mossfield. We thank Christel for her valuable contribution and service during the last 3 years and warmly welcome Ute to the Village Resident’s Committee which now consists of:

  • President: Herbert Bartetzko,
  • Vice President: Adolf Fober,
  • Secretary: Ursula Fober and Committee
  • Members in alphabetical order: Ute Carrus, Frank Mossfield, Irmgard Recktenwald and Susanne Tipaldo.

Ursula Fober
Village Residents Committee Secretary


We’d like to take this opportunity to welcome to St Hedwig Village these new residents:

  • Ivy Adams
  • Joesph Carter
  • Georg Hauswirth
  • Stefan Lungu
  • Zenaida San Jose
  • Rose Smith
  • Mary Xerri
  • Helga Blume
  • Ervin Grosas
  • Elfriede Hupalowsky
  • Maria Reyes
  • Christa Scholz
  • Michelle Watkins
  • Maria Zentai

We hope you will be happy and comfortable here. We look forward to getting to know you, your family and friends.

Fine Dining Evening

On 4th July 2017

We had a Fine Dining Restaurant event in the Hostel.

As it is not always possible for our residents to go out to a restaurant we bring the restaurant to them.

Staff went all out with decorations and transformed our dining room into an elegant restaurant.

The residents added glamour to the evening by dressing in their finest suits and evening attire.

The atmosphere was divine and the food delicious.

St Hedwig Village – Home Care Services

In addition to Retirement Living and Residential Care St Hedwig Village also provides Home Care Services.

You can have as much or as a little help at home as you need.

There is assistance with showering, dressing and grooming, meal preparation, transport for shopping, visiting the doctor and other outings, assistance with household tasks, laundry and bed making. Our service provides peace of mind knowing that someone will visit on a pre-determined day and time to assist.

If you need help or know somebody who may need help please contact Judy Jenkins our Home Care Coordinator on 8822 9907 or 0409 742 112 or email

Happy Father’s Day to all our wonderful male residents. We hope you enjoy your special day.